Our Objectives

As a not-for-profit association our VISION is to raise money to assist underprivileged and disadvantaged children. We provide sporting facilities, equipment and opportunities. The people assisted may be disadvantaged by finance, geography, physical or intellectual disability.

A secondary but important aim is ensure that fund-raising events generate enjoyment and fellowship among members.

Our MISSION is to enhance the prospects of disadvantaged and disabled young people using sport and recreation to engage with them.

Our beneficiaries are helped through the financial assistance of our Sports Grants program, University Scholarships and the Adam Gilchrist Cricket Scholarship. We raise money so that we can support disadvantaged and disabled young people pursue their dreams.

We also offer our support to many community groups and charities by volunteering at events such as the Aboriginal Rugby League Carnival, the Lismore Samson Fitness Challenge, the Lismore Lantern Parade and the Darrel Chapman Fun Run.

Since its inception in 2009 the Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW branch has raised and disbursed more than $500,000.00 across a wide range of programs.

Sponsorships, donations and assistance are welcomed from businesses and individuals who empathize with the Lord’s Taverners cause. Help us to give the young and disadvantaged a sporting chance.